Yoshi Coloring Pages

Any fans of cute dinosaur Yoshi here? Today we provided free and printable Yoshi Coloring Pages. Children are going to color Yoshi, the green dinosaur with the big nose who features in Nintendo’s Super Mario series of video games. The printable pages have the fictional character having a fun time with the Mario brothers. Download and print for free.

yoshi coloring pages baby yoshi

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Online coloring pages featuring characters from classic video games are really popular among kids of all ages. Yoshi is a dinosaur character which appears in various Nintendo video games. He is really popular as the theme of coloring sheets. Yoshi is depicted as a cute green and white dinosaur and is a sidekick of the main characters Mario and Luigi in 1990, in the game titled “Super Mario World” on Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Explore these Yoshi Coloring Pages to bring the cute dinosaur to your own interpretation.

yoshi coloring pages drawings

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yoshi coloring pages olegratiy

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Yoshi is usually colored in bright green, children are free to use other shades to depict the other species of Yoshi. The spikes can be colored a bright red. However, you can color the dinosaur based on your own preference. The following pictures show Mario riding on top of a friendly dinosaur. Mario often mounts on Yoshi and they travel together.

yoshi coloring pages super mario

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yoshi coloring pages wagashiya

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Your child will surely enjoy coloring this cheerful and cute picture of Yoshi. Allow your kids to practice their coloring skills and make the coloring experience more exciting. Check out the following collection of Yoshi coloring pages and pick the ones you like!