Rapunzel Color Pages

Looking for the best and fun media for your little learners’ coloring media? Using their favorite movie character is one great idea to make them happy doing the coloring activity. Tangled is one of the high grossing and well-known Disney’s animated 3D movie in 2010. It tells the life of a lost, young princess named Rapunzel with long magical hair who yearns to leave her secluded tower. This movie is a major success both in the United States and internationally, making it one of the most successful films in the world. Children, especially girls, love anything with Tangled as its main theme and inspiration. This time, we will share to you a selection of Rapunzel color pages coloring pages for your children!


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If your kids haven’t watched Tangled, then make them do to give them a glimpse on how the movie looks like. These Rapunzel color pages give refreshing and fairy tale-like nuance to your children. They will be able to use and develop their imagination during the coloring activity. The long magical golden hair is of course the main feature of Rapunzel that cannot be left out. It is the most important point in the pictures of these color sheets.


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Aside from the magical hair, children are able to experiment on their coloring skills by choosing the creative combinations to color the gown or the other elements in the pictures. They are free to select whatsoever colors that they will use on the color sheets to develop their coloring skills.


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Make your children’s coloring activity more fun by giving them these coloring sheets! Have a nice day!