Hidden Pictures Color by Numbers

Easily got bored? Then you have to try this one kind of game. Well, have you ever tried to do a learning activity using worksheets which are combined with games named hidden picture color by numbers? Sound interesting, right? These worksheets are made by combining coloring, counting or math operation, and games. Take a look at the first hidden picture posted below to see how it looks like.

hidden picture color by number for adult

image via www.kidspot.com.au

The image above is a hidden picture color by numbers which contains a certain picture which is hidden. However, the picture barely appears if the exercises are not completed. You have to color the pictures according to the given rule so that the hidden image of the doll will gradually show up. Other hidden pictures exercises can be seen in the following images.

hidden picture color by number free

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hidden picture color by number horse

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hidden picture color by number pages

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These worksheets look like puzzles, don’t they? What differentiate them from puzzles is that they need to be colored according to the numbers. Meanwhile, puzzles sometimes do not need numbers to be finished. Scroll down for more pictures!

hidden picture color by number addition

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hidden picture color by number worksheet

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hidden picture color by number printable

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The learning activity of hidden pictures can be said as successful if the hidden pictures are found and appear clearly after being colored. For a fun gaming and learning activity, these hidden pictures will sure be a great help! Good luck!