Elapsed Time Worksheets

Free elapsed time worksheets for your students to practice counting elapsed time or passing time. The following time worksheets contain different elapsed time problems for the children to solve. The exercises are also varied: blank clock face drawing, word problem, and multiple choices. Click on any elapsed time worksheets to get started.

Elapsed Time Worksheets for 2nd Grade

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This collection of printable elapsed time worksheets mainly asks questions about elapsed time. This is a great time elapsed worksheet to test your students understanding of elapsed time between two clocks. This page contains five printable worksheets to practice elapsed time. Find the elapsed time to answer the questions. Time worksheets contain mixed review practice on start time, end time and elapsed time.

Elapsed Time Worksheets Ruler

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Elapsed Time Worksheets Printable

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On one of the worksheets, students are shown an analog clock and are asked what time it will be, or what time it was given a certain amount of elapsed time. There is a variety of different tasks in this resource including word problems about how much time has passed. Telling time is one thing but calculating elapsed time can be a bit harder. This set of elapsed time worksheets is perfect for practice. The worksheets available on this site can be used to teach kids to calculate the amount of time passed. These elapsed time worksheets are designed for kids along every step, whether they are just working on hours passing or all of it.

Elapsed Time Worksheets for Kids

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Elapsed Time Worksheets Telling

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Teach the concept of elapsed time to your child using one of these telling time worksheet activities. Download and teach your kids elapsed time today!