Elapsed Time Ruler

There are many ways to teach elapsed time and using elapsed time ruler as the visual time span for the students to follow is the easiest and fastest way for them to understand and map out elapsed time for themselves. Therefore we have prepared for you the following printable elapsed time rulers. These elapsed time rulers will be really helpful as a visual aid for your students whenever they are working with elapsed time.

elapsed time ruler pdf

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Give your students these elapsed time rulers to ease them measure time in a number line format where they can visually see the elapsed time. Use this printable and handy time ruler to help reinforce AM and PM for your kids! Include in your time telling lessons, and use it to see if your kids can correctly point to the elapsed time.

elapsed time ruler printable free

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elapsed time ruler printable

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This time ruler of elapsed time collection helps students understand and visualize the very difficult concept of elapsed time. Students will explore their prior knowledge of time, discuss fractional parts of an hour, and use a specialized time ruler to calculate elapsed time for real life. The rulers are purposed to help teachers instruct students on elapsed time and duration of time questions.

elapsed time ruler template

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elapsed time ruler worksheet

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What do students need to learn in order to understand elapsed time? Download and print off these rulers to help you teach elapsed time to your kid and make him understand the concept even easier!