Easy More and Less Worksheets

For children in their early school days, counting is a really important assessment that children have to master, especially in Math, where counting is the basic element of all operation. To determine whether your children are capable in counting, we have prepared more and less worksheets for your kids as the media of counting activity. These worksheets are free to print and you can give them to your kids to see how well they differentiate the numbers of things by counting them. The worksheets are provided in the images below!


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In Math, identifying which group has more or less numbers is one assessment which children have to pass to evaluate their ability in counting. These more and less worksheets provide effective exercises to determine their skill in differentiating things based on their numbers. Scroll down for more counting worksheets.


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To finish these exercises, children simply need to count each group and identify which one has the more or lesser amount of each other. If they are able to tell which group is more or less, it means they have fully understood the concept of more or less as well as mastered counting.


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Don’t forget to print all these worksheets and help your kids in learning to differentiate groups by their numbers! Have a nice day!