Easy Fact Family Worksheets for Kids

Have your children or students learnt fact families? If they have, evaluate their learning by giving them these fact family worksheets. In Math, what is meant by fact families are 3 numbers that are related, just like how people in a family are related. These 3 numbers make a set of related Math facts. These fact family worksheets are made to help your children understand that numbers in a fact family are related and how they work. Check out these images below!


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To make it easier for you in introducing and teaching the concept of fact family to your children, you can simply compare it to how a real family works out. Just like a family, numbers can have different relationship with each other at different times. Three fact families can be situated in many different ways using addition and subtraction. The other fact family worksheets are presented in the images below, scroll down to see and save them!


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Fact families show the relationship between the numbers in it. By working on the exercises in the worksheets, your children can learn to determine the relationship between the numbers in a fact family. Eventually they will understand the relationship concept of each number in a family perfectly.


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Doing fact family worksheets can help your students to identify and write sets of related addition and subtraction equations. Therefore, don’t forget to print them all and make your students’ knowledge about numbers’ relationship developed!