12 Times Table Charts & Worksheets

Learning multiplication needs a lot of practice and to get decent skill in multiplying, studying timetables/charts is important. Memorizing multiplication works effectively when you try them on a worksheet. On this page, we’ll give you a bunch of 12 times table charts and worksheets for you to work out your multiplication skill! If you are a teacher or a homeschool tutor, you can use the chart and worksheet on this page to teach your kids the patterns in the twelve times table, and make it easier for them to learn. Check out the worksheets and charts in the following images below!

12 times table chart

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The 12 times table chart was posted above. Use the multiplication charts to practice multiplication facts for 12. After your kids are done memorizing the charts, then move on with the worksheets. The worksheets include multiplying a number by 12 and other multiplication worksheets. The timetable worksheets are also provided in circles. These circles serve as an interesting way to work with times table. Ask your kids to complete the circles. Multiply each number by the target number and write the answer in the outer circle.

12 times table circle

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12 times table math

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The concept of multiplication can be introduced using these circles to get them more familiar with the patterns. Kids usually learn about multiplication as a repeated addition and later understand the grouping concept. Analyzing multiplication patterns in a sequence is an integral part learning multiplication.

12 times table poster

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12 times table test

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The multiplication worksheets also include several sets of other multiplication worksheets that you can choose for your kids to work on. Good luck and get multiplying!